viernes, 4 de abril de 2008


Alcoholism is a killer! It kills when people drink and it kills in withdrawal. To get out of this cycle of death, many have tried the healing techniques of Alcoholics Anonymous. These fortunate ones are alive and sober today by practicing the precepts that A.A. advocates.
What is the secret behind this vastly successful program? The key to recovery is found in the spiritual experience that many of the A.A. members experience as a result of following certain precepts. Atheists, agnostics and believers alike are welcomed into A.A., where the fellowship with other recovering alcoholics as well as "working the steps" lays a foundation for a probable spiritual experience and continued sobriety. As members become acquainted with other recovering alcoholics and attend A.A. meetings, they hear personal stories about alcoholism and how defeated these other new friends were. Then they hear stories of recovery revolving around the 12 steps of A. A. and how lives have been changed through the influence of God or a "Higher Power" in their lives.
Many people are surprised to learn that alcohol is a depressant — a substance that slows down brain function. The "high" during drinking is temporary, but the long-term effect of alcohol dependence is to cause a chronic "low" state. It's not just the blues: there are physical changes to your brain that result in impaired function, loss of memory, and depressed mood.

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